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Effective Support Surface Selection
in Preventing and Treating Pressure Ulcers
Wound Care Organizations Guide
Pressure ulcers are a significant problem across the continuum of health care settings.
Selecting the appropriate therapeutic surface to meet the needs of an individual at-risk or with pressure-related injuries can prove to be cost-effective when compared to the standard cost of care to treat a deep tissue injury and related conditions.

With the often high cost of therapeutic surfaces and the wide variety of options, clinicians should understand how to select the right support surface for effective intervention. This guide will highlight key factors to consider to ensure the cost-effective use of resources for pressure ulcer prevention.
Factors discussed in evaluating support surface use include:
  • Moisture and microclimate
  • Symptoms management
  • Individual risk factors (i.e., body mass, tissue tolerance, existing wounds)
  • Mechanics of wound development

Also included in the guide is a comprehensive, comparative listing of therapeutic support surfaces by category from WoundSource: The Leading Wound Product Reference Guide.